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About Last Night~Liv Warfield Live in DC...Expect the Unexpected
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Liv Live!….by Stevie Soul.

Liv Warfield is a powerhouse. I love this woman not only for her talent but her beautiful personality. 

Now last night, April 13, 2014, I had a feeling was gonna be EPIC; If her recent performance on the Arsenio Hall Show was any indication of the energy Liv brings to the stage, her show at the Howard Theatre was proof positive–Liv brings it…EVERY TIME! But hey, one does not work with Prince for years and not pick up a thing or two about performing. Along with the NPG horns and killa background singers, it was definitely on and popping. 

I’ve literally watched Liv’s career develop and blossom over the last six years. 

Back in 2007, I was hanging out in Detroit at this cool store called Spectacles (30 years of supporting Soul Music) with my dude, soul music guru, Duane Powell.

He brought me Liv’s first CD, “Embrace Me.” I popped it into my Mac and fell in love. Tracks like “I Decided,” “Brother Man,” and “ABC” are the stand out grooves. I hit Liv up on MySpace to express my love for her project and added her music to my newly-formed radio show.

I met her for the first time in Dallas at the “I Got Soul Music Conference” (shout out to DJ France Jaye,  Velisa Crayton and the crew). 

Liv, along with a talented array of Indie Soul Artists, took to the stage and entertained the movers, shakers and networkers of the Indie Soul Music Movement. Here’s video from that night:

Looking back  over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Liv perform five times: Dallas, Detroit and three times in Washington DC. 

Her first DC performance was a night to remember:

October, 2008 she took to the stage at Republic Gardens on U Street in her street clothes. See, the airline lost her luggage and someone stole her purse. Did I mention she had one contact lens in her eye?  When show time came, she kicked off her New Balances, threw her scarf around her neck and hurt us so good with her vocal prowess. Here’s a video from that evening:

Next, I caught her in Detroit at the Soul Tracks Readers Choice Awards at the end of 2008. Sounding just as lovely as always and killing the stage, she did my favorite Liv song, “I Decided.” Here’s the video.
Fast forward to 2010, I heard Liv was gonna be in DC headlining. She’d gotten a really good job since last I saw her–touring the world as a supporting vocalist for the Purple Badness Himself. That’s right, Liv works with Prince. How dope is that?! Here’s the video:
So now you have a little history.

All the good words I can think of don’t even convey the excitement in the room as Liv Warfield strolled from song to song, uplifting us to a level of euphoria I haven’t gotten from a concert in a long time. You really would have had to been there to get what I’m saying. Liv puts in work, no question about that. She is a ‘sanger’ and a dynamic performer, and her message is LOVE. When I looked out over the audience and saw all the brown fists raised in the air I felt encouraged. Her music did what it was supposed to do, inspire. Straight from the deepest interiors of her soul, her voice rings out songs of love, empowerment and freedom. 

Liv Warfield is soul music seasoned with funk, rock, spirituals and jazz. She did it all and we loved every bit of it. Standing ovations and encores. I highly recommend you see her when she comes to your town. Liv Warfield is a BEAST with it. The band was tight, the background girls were tight. What an amazing uplifting performance. 

I could post the video from last night here but you need to go to get The Liv Warfield Experience live and in person for yourself. Trust.

Ok here's a video

Pick up her new project, “The Unexpected” and let it groove you.

–Stevie is a contributing writer and photographer for Mic Life Magazine
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Teena Marie

Being an entertainment photographer of many moons has afforded me the opportunities to be in the company of some of the greatest human beings that have walked the earth in my time...The biggest thrills of my life have mostly always involved music...
I was a teenager when Teena Marie entered the music scene Wild n Peaceful...easily one of the best lps ever made. I was a new lifetime fan (never did care for that word fan tho)...I just loved Lady T... I can honestly boast I own her entire music catalog...except the last release...(tough economic times ya know)
I've enjoyed the pleasure of seeing Teena Marie live on at least four occasions. Even more thrilling is I had the position of being on stage photographing her as she performed back in early 90's at AFRAM, here in Baltimore. Photos were published in Right On! Magazine. "-0)
More recent 2009 I stood front and center as she did her thing at the same festival with a different name.
Four years ago as I left work early (a job I'd been working at 7 days a week) knowing Teena Marie was in town was a perfect reason for me to take a break and head to ArtScape, another great summer festival that i love my home town for. My buddy Jenie and her friend had found a perfect spot on the grass right down front... Summertime grooving never felt so good... Teena Marie was about to go on...I'd gotten there just in time...Had to get the special ok from my friends for the people on the grass blocking my passage to let me love Bmore folks...
Having just purchased a video camera I was able to film her singing Deja Vu... My most popular youtube video from the moment I loaded to the site over 2 years ago
My heart is heavy...Teena Marie, man I grew up on Teena Marie's music...she has smiled for my camera and songs for my heart. Sure am gonna miss Lady T.